Leaving Your Home Country to Follow Your Dream

Take the jump

How to be brave enough to leave your home country to follow your dream.

If you’re miserable in your job, your fears are probably stopping you from taking a leap towards something better. Adventurers, artists, travelers, entrepreneurs and dream chasers have one thing in common: they take risks. They’ve cashed in something huge for their passions. They’ve chosen freedom over security. If you have been struggling to survive in your home country and you are considering moving to another country to pursue your career, then you are not alone on this. A lot of folks out there are really finding it difficult to cope in their home country. It’s not always easy going elsewhere to start up a career and achieving your plans. There are so many obstacles that you will have to breakthrough.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps that you will take to help you achieve your dreams.

Take the First Steps

Often, taking the first step is the hardest part. But truly, it doesn’t have to be. Think about what the smallest step you could take to launch your dream might be. Is it as simple as research? Starting a crowdfunding campaign? Getting a grant or fellowship application together? In this case it should be getting all the documents you will need to enable you enter the intending country you want to visit. Decide what your timeline is, start to gather your momentum, and do it with determination.

When I travel for work, I can find myself in some pretty tense and sometimes dangerous places. But in taking the chance, I usually discover something amazing about myself—and the world. So try moving out today and you will discover how amazing the world is.

Be Fearless

The waters will never part for you. Taking bold risks will always be hard, and if it’s not the economy it’ll be something else. Instead of focusing on your disadvantages, focus on what you’re lucky enough to have right now: Loving support? Your good health? Youth? Maturity? Savings? First-world opportunities? Fluent English? Being alive? Don’t wait for ‘the right time’ because it’s nothing but a fantasy. Every moment you postpone, more doors close.

As you travel for your own career, you will sometimes find yourself dealing with surprising situations, from navigating jungle roads to finding snake meat. Sometimes, it can be more intense, like having to work in a conflict zone or protect colleagues whose human rights are at risk. Don’t let worry hold you back, and instead focus on what you need to do right now to achieve your dream.

Secondly, a lot of times, our expectations and worries are worse than actual outcomes. Yes, following your dream will have challenges, you will make mistakes, and you might even fail the first time. But that’s OK. Some of the most successful leaders in the world have tried and failed several times before they made it. Ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen?” When you identify those challenges and begin thinking through the solutions you might develop in the face of them, you’ll find that your fears might not be as scary as you think they are.

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